Happy Birthday To Us

  • Nov 11, 2021

Eight years ago I made a strange "deal" of sorts with God after discussing it with my wife.  I was working for another company, fed up and not feeling like I was being paid what I was worth, or even positioned based on my background.  I was out to lunch and on the phone with my wife, and I told her, that if I go back to work, and the doors are locked then I am quitting and creating my own company.  I prayed on it - spoke to my wife about it and finished my lunch and went back to work.  Guess what? The doors were locked and BKG Media and Promotions was born.  BKG Media had its incarnation back in 2009 as a Web-based targeted SEO and planting/seeding company.  But add the Promotions and history was made.


Officially born on 11/11/13 I started with a handful of clients and lots of ambition.  One of my early promises was that for every dollar earned I would donate a min of 10% back to the community.  Whether it was a Church, or Non-Profit, or a family in need we have not only maintained that level but have surpassed in each and every year (with 2020 being the biggest ever (over $100,000 as part of our Giving Back Program))


I will say this, it has been a fun, tiring, exciting, tough, easy, strange, and lots more adjectives type of ride, but I would not have traded it for anything else!  We have spent a ton of time building our reputation and will always be here t make this part of your job -Easy.


Thanks to our Loyal clients for getting us to where we are today!


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1000 - 2499 - $1.39

2500 and Up - $.99

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