Your printed projects speak volumes about your company’s business and brand. As your printing partner, BKG Media and Promotions places a high level of importance on guiding our customers through the printing process. From start to finish, we’ll help you select the most professional graphic treatments and paper options for each of your printed projects. With the Volume of Printing Projects we have handle we have a ton of FREE Paper Upgrades available to you.  You can now take your simple projects and make them spectacular for NO EXTRA charge!

Is print still relevant when technology is here to stay?  Now there is a loaded question.  We all know that for the most part newspapers are dead!  But Print technology and printed products are a staple that will never go away.  From Greeting cards to Lawn Signs to Hanging banners, stickers, posters and Name Badges you cannot beat the cost per impression, and the branding.  Business cards only cost pennies, but can you really hit the networking trail without one? We have some awesome ideas to suplement your Business Cards - but it is a needed-staple of the successful business person.

No matter how digital you are, a great printed piece still makes a powerful statement. As digital media has grown, communicating well in print has become increasingly specialized and increasingly important. This is why it is important for us to help you tie both digital and print to make it all come together and work. This way your message is told through a combination of all of communications tools. This increases the value of every piece, every message, and every outreach.

We can help whether you are looking to:

  1. Produce Business cards for your trade shows, meetings and networking.  From simple to high-end and everything in-between.
  3. Set up a program that ties Mailers, Postcards, Greeting cards, signage, letterheads and envelopes into one cohesive package.
  5. Give your sales collateral a creative edge on high quality papers, with a variety of finishes that will reflect the look and feel of YOUR business.  No cookie cutter stuff here!
  7. Create Yard signs in a variety of materials to fit your budget.  Whether it is the local carnival, your political campaign or the Real Estate "We Buy Homes" we have done them all!
  9. Develop am EDDM Direct Mail program with you to hit those targets you want and exclude the ones you do not.  Every Door Direct Mail - Yea we do that too!
  11. Print your Post Cards, Rack Cards, Palm Cards, Greeting Cards, Announcement Cards and even your Playing Cards.
  13. Use the finest quality vinyl for creative and beautiful Banners to announce your "EVERYTHING" to the world.  Whether its your grand opening or a 5k Race we have the materials and the options to get you what you need at a price you want!

With our experience in custom commercial print and advanced printing services. BKG Media and Promotions will help you create and deliver professional results for all your print needs – from flyers and posters to event programs and catalogs. 



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