5 Print Products That Small Businesses Love (And Need)

  • Nov 5, 2019

5 Print Products That Small Businesses Love (And Need)

print marketing helps small businesses stand out

According to a survey from FedEx, 4 out of 5 small businesses have credited print services for helping their brand grow and stand out from competition. The survey also showed that 85% of consumers have stated that they are more likely to use services from a business if they used custom professionally printed materials, expressing that “the quality of printed materials is an indication of the quality of service the business provides.”

For customers, experiencing something through a physical medium such as print can be more captivating than simply reading about a service/product online. Using print as a marketing tactic can actually encourage customers to physically connect with the brand rather than simply reading about it online. In fact, a study has shown that haptic (touch memory) resonates with our mind, which leaves a more lasting impression from the brand. Often, tactile mediums garner more interest as opposed to just relying on visuals, as interactivity is a big factor in a customer’s experience.

There are many products that small businesses could benefit from incorporating into their brand to boost the company’s presence. A few examples below include:

1. Business cards

A basic marketing tool that everyone should have for their business, big or small. Business cards are valuable for networking and making yourself known to others. Handing out your card is personal and helps build client relationships in a professional manner. We can custom design your card to reflect your colors and the feeling you are trying to convey!

2. Postcards

Great for building strong relationships with clients, postcard marketing is an efficient way to boost business growth. In fact, a study showed that 57% of receivers felt more valued as a client thanks to direct mailing. Postcards are sentimental and creates authenticity within the brand, making it more likely for clients to come back. And there are 100's of uses for these postcards, they are not just for mailing anymore!

3. Yard Signs

Want to educate the community and grab attention? Yard signs are cheap and versatile, yet they do the job of gaining exposure for products/services. For real estates, politicians, and small businesses, yard signs are a must when it comes to creating a profitable marketing campaign. They also work well for inexpensive signage at events and functions.

4. Flyers

Grow business and get the word out on products/services with flyers! Believe it or not, this old-school marketing technique is still very efficient in today’s modern age. Whether you’re attending a trade show or walking in the downtown city, flyers being handed out are often eye-catching and do tend to be read by receivers.

5. Brochures

Especially useful for small businesses, brochures are versatile and informative for product promotion and the company’s core values. Relatively low-cost, brochures can easily tell a brand’s message in a simple layout and end with a call-to-action, potentially prompting immediate business.

build brand loyalty with print

Tangible materials are valuable in businesses, especially since many are office-type settings where stationary and paper are always present. Aside from digital marketing and social media, small businesses are still looking to branch out in as many ways as they can, leading them to turn to print company material.

While digital communication has certainly become a prime method in marketing, the value of tangible mediums like print products is still very much relied on in many small businesses today. Print products establish brand value and authenticity, which helps build brand loyalty and client relationships. If you’re a small business, utilize print marketing and draw in potential clients with content that can be appreciated on paper, not just online.

Nine out of ten consumers have agreed that there will always be a need for print marketing in businesses, indicating that the use of print material for companies is far from dying out.