What is Bleed and Why Does it Matter When Printing?

Feb 07

What is Bleed and Why Does it Matter When Printing? Bleed in printing What is bleed? In printing, bleed is needed to make proper cuts and provide a good final product. So, what is bleed? ...

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Five Ways To Better Retain Customers In 2020

Jan 06

How do you plan to hold on to your clients this year? What are you doing to ensure they're motivated to continue buying from you? Most clients have abundant options, making it all the more important t...

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Sales: Keep It Classic

Jan 03

As I sat in my car a couple of weeks ago, woefully stuck in traffic, I began to reminisce. I was thinking with a new Decade here now how different things were done no so long ago.  I thought abou...

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HOW TO: Get the most out of your tradeshow experience

Dec 30, 2019

  How to Make the Most of Your Tradeshow Experience Attending a tradeshow is an investment of money, as well as time. Here are some practical tips you can use,...

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Top Promo Trends of the 2010s

Dec 27, 2019

A countdown of the biggest trends to hit the promotional products industry over the last decade. As the decade draws to a close, it’s worth taking a moment to reflect on some of the biggest tre...

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5 Great Promo Ideas for the New Year

Dec 13, 2019

  As P.T. Barnum once said, “Without promotion, something terrible happens… nothing!” As advertising specialists, marketing consultants, and promotional product distribu...

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6 Ways Corporate Gifting Can Fetch Your Business More Than What You Expect

Nov 22, 2019

Does corporate gifting seem like extra work to you? Believe us, it is not.  If it is a happy day for your organization, be it an achievement or just another celebration, letting your partners and...

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5 Print Products That Small Businesses Love (And Need)

Nov 05, 2019

5 Print Products That Small Businesses Love (And Need) For many companies who are just starting out and looking to grow, selling print to small businesses can help boost sales and increase profits....

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Why Campaign Consultants Use Promo Pens in Every Election

Oct 31, 2019

Why Campaign Consultants Use Promo Pens in Every Election Posted on October 25, 2019, by goldstarpens   Candidates vying to secure a seat have one thing in common: ...

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Eco-Friendly Gifts For Tight Budgets

Oct 29, 2019

  Eco-Friendly Gifts For Tight Budgets Our customers have been loud and clear – interest in eco-friendly products has never been greater. As a result, these products have become seri...

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5 Essentials for any Successful Trade Show Exhibit

Oct 25, 2019

5 ESSENTIALS FOR ANY SUCCESSFUL TRADE SHOW EXHIBIT Have you ever wondered if your trade show exhibit has all the right stuff? Whether you’re kicking off the design process for a brand new exh...

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How to Clean you Banner

Oct 24, 2019

How To Clean Your Banner While cleaning vinyl banners aren't difficult, it’s important to use the right cleaning products to help protect your print. To help y...

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5 Creative Uses for Announcements

Oct 16, 2019

5 Creative Uses for Announcements Whether you use them for “thank you” notes or holiday greetings, you are probably familiar with their announcement options. However, the announcement can...

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BKG Media: Magic Car Ice Scrapers | Scrape-a-Round

Oct 09, 2019

  Give the Promotional Item of the year!  Your clients and prospects all know that this is a $7.95 retail item, as seen on TV, Facebook and Instagram. Here is the Opportunity to Draw a cro...

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Being your authentic self is the ultimate secret to happiness in life.

Oct 08, 2019

How Embarrassing Stories Can Boost Your Creativity Most people aren't exactly forthcoming with their embarrassing moments. However, research shows that sharing your cringe-worthy moments with collea...

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BKG's Picks: What’s Trending In Tech

Oct 01, 2019

BKG's Picks: What’s Trending In Tech   Oh, technology—how we love thee. Life without phones and other devices is unimaginable. If you’ve ever left home without your phone or...

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4 Ways to Use Post-it Notes in the Holiday Season

Sep 26, 2019

4 Ways to Use Post-it® Notes in the Holiday Season   The holiday season is fast approaching—do you have the print you need? Not only is the holiday season a great time to order your...

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