6 Ways Corporate Gifting Can Fetch Your Business More Than What You Expect

  • Nov 22, 2019

Does corporate gifting seem like extra work to you? Believe us, it is not.  If it is a happy day for your organization, be it an achievement or just another celebration, letting your partners and employees know that they have been a huge contribution in it is always a good idea. And we are here to make this part of your job EASY!

Corporate gifts are not only a great source of motivation or sign of goodwill but also prove to be the easiest advertising and marketing strategy. We have earlier deliberated on when and hothe corporate gifting program should be carried out. However, there is always a dilemma to decide what to give and what purpose should it serve.

So let us talk about various things you can bring on the table through corporate gifting and what exactly can you present to make that happen.

“The excellence of a gift lies in its appropriateness rather than in its value.”

#1- Communicate Your Company Ethos

Brand identity speaks of company ethics, mission and vision owing to which brand recognition and awareness hold a high place on the professional front. Corporate gifting can be a good source to communicate such significant information to your partners, clients, and prospective collaborators. Sending out gifts that clearly sync with the message you are trying to convey as an organization is the best thing you can do to hit two birds with one stone. It not only markets and advertises your organization and its motto but also creates a good impression of your values.

A gift can be environment-friendly if you are a company that aims to be environmentally sustainable. However, you don’t always need to be ‘on-the-face’ with your gift. You can be creative too. For example, you can gift a pen drive or hard disk if you are a company that promotes connectivity and collaboration.

#2- Express the Receiver’s Significance to Your Organization

Has it been a long time since you appreciated the people in your corporate sphere for the efforts they put in for the organization? I think it’s about time you do it. Good business relations are of paramount importance for all the organizations and why shouldn’t they be? Your employees, clients, partners are the pillars of your success. Gifting them needs no occasion or reason.

Don’t forget to add a sweet ‘Thank You’ note with your gift.

Corporate Gifting

#3- Leverage it as a Platform to Promote New Products and Events


Are you planning to launch a new product or are conducting a major event soon? Then I suggest that you make the invite innovative. Even better, make it a gift. It will not only impress your stakeholders but also will intrigue them about the product/event thereby increasing your recall value.

#4- Celebrate as One Unit

Every business quarter offers a good amount of hard work and dedication to achieve success. Acknowledging this fact is essential. Hence, any festivity or accomplishment should be celebrated in unison. Celebration in unity is a good show of collaboration. It is a good way of conveying that you are all in to have a deeper connection with the people you work with.

“Success reflects balance sheets, a gift will reflect the relationship.”

Through corporate gifting, you can let everyone know that for you people mean much more than business. Communicating such a positive element about your organization can only reap good outcomes.


#5- Attract Prospects and Impress Clients

Partners and clients are key stakeholders in any business. This makes the tradition of gifting a Significant opportunity to drive business. So why wouldn’t anyone want to add up more amazing people in their circle and retain the existing ones? You can easily promote your strengths through your gifts and let the prospects and clients how you are growing and would like them to be part of this growth in the long run.

Organizations generally give out gifts during the usual events like exhibitions, expos, seminars or so. You can use this opportunity to send out the brochure of the company and communicate your business culture. Add this brochure to a hamper to give it a classy and professional look. It gets even more convenient if you make your brochure unique and elegant enough for the receiver to hold onto it.

For existing clients, on the other hand, you can gift on occasions such as milestone celebrations and convey gratitude for their contribution.

corporate gifting image

#6- Stand Out Among Competitors

Building and maintaining your impression among your corporate circle is quite essential. The last reason and an important one to take up corporate gifting is because your competitors are surely doing it too and I am pretty sure you don’t want to lag behind in any aspect.

Now how do you become prominently visible among your competition? The answer is quite easy- more effort and appropriate timing. When you are looking to be highlighted amongst a lot, you need to put in that extra inch of effort. Customize or personalize what you send and pitch in a substantial amount of thought process into it so as to make the gift a prized possession or simply gift something of high utility so that you are thought about every now and then.

Also, as mentioned earlier, corporate gifting is all about appropriate timing. Thus, present your gifts on appropriate occasions. You can also gift on unusual occasions rather than the extremely conventional ones just to create a surprising impact which will surely increment your chances to be on top of the customer’s mind.


Corporate Gifting