Quit Trying to Be Everything to Everyone

  • Nov 21, 2019

Quit Trying to Be Everything to Everyone
Know what you like to sell and get really, really good at that category.
Reposted from: 11/21/2019 | Paul Kiewiet, Pursuit of Purpose

Get out of the idea that you can do it all and get really good at just a few things. Be very mindful of what you want your business to look like.

Decide who you want to work with and get very conscientious about only pursuing the types of people and companies that will allow you to do your very best work. Just because someone can buy your products or services doesn’t mean you should be selling to them. If you want a relationship and they want a transaction — guess what? — it won’t fit. If they want to solve a problem and you want to make a quick sale — guess what? — it won’t fit. Get clear about what your ideal customer looks like and pursue them. The opposite is also true. Get clear about who your worst nightmare is and run the other way.

Know what you like to sell and get really, really good at that category. Learn the full range of opportunities and solutions that the product category can offer and become THE expert. Clients like to know they are dealing with professionals and experts in their field. 

Pick a lane and stay there. I don’t believe that in more than thirty years of selling promotional products that I ever - and I mean ever! - tried to start a relationship by telling a prospect that I sold promotional products. I targeted large accounts and began the conversation talking about my experience in creating sales promotion programs and incentive programs to motivate the sales force, dealers and consumers. What’s your lane? What problem do you solve?

Keep learning. When you’ve narrowed down who you want to work with, what you want to help people with and what problems you can solve — you can focus your professional development on the seminars, webinars, blogs, and articles that will help you become a true expert. You’ll have a whole lot of less in your brain and become a focused subject matter expert who builds relationships and builds a satisfying career.